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Why fit in when you're born to stand out?

Oreos & Infrareds. 😈

Oreos & Infrareds. 😈

i need someone I can just text all my filthy thoughts to as soon as I think them.

what am I thinking about? sex.



Gif #1

me on yo man

Gif #2

me giving it to yo man

Gif #3

"Ohh, yo bitch juss walked in!!"

Gif #4

Me giving it to him, not giving a fuck. Lookin’ all in yo eyes. Shimmy, bitch. Deal, bitch.

omg lmfaooo


Life will never go how I want it to. All I want is to be loved appreciated and respected by the one I love. How can I picture my forever with someone that seems temporary. Maybe I’m too wise for all of this. I just want the pain to go away. From the outside our life probably looks gravy, but my life becomes more strategic daily. πŸ˜’

You can’t just walk in and out of my life. I’m over everyone and everything. I’ve loved and I’ve lost. Everything that matters is gone. Crying isn’t going to help. Nothing can be fixed . I guess I deserve everything that comes my way though.Β